Unscrupulous APDESI Sukabumi District Personnel Challenge NGOs and Media ?!

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Sukabumi, global investigations at news.com – Viral on various WhatsApp groups among media crews, a group of people who declare themselves their dislike for NGOs and the media.
The video, which lasts about 27 seconds, is located at the DPMD Office (Village Community Empowerment Service) Pelabuhan Ratu, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

A group of people wearing official uniforms are known to be members of the APDESI Sukabumi Regency openly expressing their dislike of NGOs and journalists in Sukabumi.

In the video it says, We all members of APDESI throughout Sukabumi Regency declare that we will fight against NGOs and the Media who always torment the Village Head. Merdeka, Merdeka.

Responding to this, the Secretary General of APDESI, Sukabumi Regency, said that he was not present at the declaration.

“Yes sir, I happen to be absent at the event and I have other business outside”, said Tutang Setiawan when contacted via his cellular (11/24/2020).

He also regretted that this had happened, because he said that we cannot be separated from the role of the media and NGOs.

“According to him, at first, this was based on an invitation by an NGO to one of the village heads as far as I know.

“What I really regret is that in the video there are no words of a person, it is immediately referred to by all NGOs and all media,” he said.

Even though he said not all NGOs and media are like that, we are big because our media work is assisted by NGOs, I happened to be absent at the event, “he concluded.

The Legal Aid Institute (LBH) of the Sukabumi Journalist Community (Kowasi), Nugraha, SH plans to ask for clarification and make a report

Nugraha, SH said that fellow journalists and NGOs in Sukabumi agreed to ask for clarification and would report this to the authorities.

“All media and NGOs throughout Sukabumi will take legal action, tomorrow we will report it to the authorities,” Nugraha said.


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