After being approved by the DPR, Komjen Listyo Sigit prepares an action plan

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GLOBAL INVESTIGASI NEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Through a plenary meeting, the Indonesian Parliament has approved the appointment of Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the National Police Chief. Listyo expressed his gratitude to all parties who have followed the whole series of the process of his approval as the 25th National Police Chief.

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“Thank you to all friends of the media and Commission III who have participated starting from the deepening stage by PPATK, then Kompolnas. And the next day we submitted the paper and last Wednesday we carried out a question and answer activity and ended with the opinion of the Faction,” said Listyo Sigit. after the plenary session of the DPR RI, Thursday (21/1).

After being ratified by the DPR, Listyo Sigit admitted that he would prepare an action plan to describe the program he had written into a paper during the Fit and Proper Test at Commission III.

“Of course, after this, we will immediately hold a readiness meeting in order to carry out the action plan, how the paper we presented, hopefully it can become a program that we will carry out as the Chief of Police later,” said Sigit.

The Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR) approved the appointment of Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo as Chief of Police through a plenary meeting chaired directly by the Chairman of the Indonesian Parliament Puan Maharani along with other leadership elements, Rachmat Gobel, Sufmi Dasco, Aziz Syamsyddin and Muhaimin Iskandar in the Parpurna meeting room, Complex Parliament.

Prior to the ratification, it started with the Commission III report regarding the results of the fit and proper test of Listyo Sigit which was read by Deputy Chairman of Commission III Ahmad Sahroni.

After that Sahroni also read out the respectful discharge of General Idham Azis as the National Police Chief and the approval of the appointment of Komjen Listyo as the National Police Chief.

The chairman of the DPR, Puan Maharani, also asked the DPR members who attended whether Listyo Sigit could approve his Fit and Proper results. Then appointed as a substitute for Idham Azis.

“The council meeting, which we respect now, let us ask the honorable council session whether the report of Commission III DPR RI on the results of the due diligence on the candidate for Chief of Police can be approved?” said Puan, Thursday (21/1/2021)

“Agreed,” replied the DPR member.

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