Fit and Proper Test for National Police Chief Candidate Herman Herry, Affirms Commission III Carrying Out Constitutional Duties

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GLOBAL INVESTIGASI NEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Chairman of Commission III of the House of Representatives Herman Herry, said that Komjen Listyo Sigit Prabowo as the sole candidate for Chief of Police fulfilled the invitation of Commission III of the DPR to undergo a fit and proper test. In his introduction, he also emphasized that a fit and proper test is part of his duties. constitutional DPR.

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“This process is at the same time our constitutional duties and responsibilities as DPR members in voicing aspirations as well as carrying out the oversight function of government policies,” said Herman at the DPR Commission III Meeting Room, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (20/1/2021).

Furthermore, Herman also explained, based on Article 11 of Law No. 2 of 2002 concerning the National Police, the President of the Republic of Indonesia submitted the name of a candidate for the National Police chief to the DPR, then the DPR could approve or reject the presidential proposal.

“Therefore, the fit and proper test process will be the last process in a series of appointing the National Police chief candidates,” said Herman.

Still the same word Herman continued, based on the law, the Police in their duties and functions carry out the functions of the state government in maintaining the state and society, upholding the protection of the law and serving the community.

He said On that basis, according to Herman, the position of the National Police Chief was a very strategic position.

“Therefore the position of the National Police Chief is a very strategic position as the holder of the highest command of the Polri organization,” explained the PDI-P politician.

Meanwhile, in the fit and proper test of the candidate for the Head of Police Commission III of the DPR, there is a schedule: the submission of the policy direction for the Chief of Police, dialogue and questions and answers, then a statement from the Chief of Police and Commission III of the DPR, then the views of the factions followed by making decisions.

“Finally, the decision to approve or reject the proposal for the appointment of a candidate for the National Police Chief submitted by the president,” concluded the Legislator for the NTT electoral district.

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