The Chairperson of the TP-PKK Aceh Tamiang Regency directly observes the residents affected by the floods in several sub-districts in Aceh Tamiang district

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Global Investigation News Aceh Tamiang – apart from the Deputy Regent of Aceh Tamiang and Forkopimda, the Chairperson of the TP-PKK Aceh Tamiang Regency, Dr. Rita Syntia, ST, MM along with the TP-PKK management also conducted a flood disaster survey.

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This morning, Mrs. Rita saw the condition of the residents affected by the flooding in Kota Lintang Village and Kampung Kota Kualasabung. For the kampung town of kualasimpsng, the Center for Refugee Command Post is located at the National Building right in front of the Regent Pondopo. There, Mrs. Rita was greeted by the Head of Kualasabung City, Aulia Azhari, S.STP, and Forkopimcam and immediately distributed a number of rice and basic necessities to the refugees.

Then, Mrs. Rita and her entourage continued the observation at the Refugee Command Post at the end of the bridge, Karang Baru District at around 11.00 WIB. The refugees at this post came from Suka Jadi Village, Karang Baru District which was also flooded. Accompanied by the Head of Karang Baru Subdistrict, Iman Suhery, S.STP, M.SP and Forkopimcam, a number of basic necessities assistance was also distributed to this post.

The distribution of aid continues in a number of locations that have been flooded. Ba’da Dzuhur, Mrs. Rita continued the survey in Rantau District. There, several villages were also flooded as a result of overflowing river water, such as in Kampung Durian, Benua Raja, Landuh and Alur Manis.

In closing the visit, Mrs. Rita was not alone, accompanied by the Head of Social Affairs Muhammad Alijon, SE and the Aceh Tamiang BPBD element who from the beginning accompanied the visit, Plt. Head of Rantau District Iman Suhery S.STP, M.SP and Forkopicam Rantau. Apart from rice and basic necessities, Rita also distributed aid for the needs of toddlers.

Mrs. Rita did not only carry out inspections and handed over aid to flood victims. On each visit, he seemed to care deeply for the refugees. With great concern, he did not hesitate to have dialogues with residents and ask them directly about the health conditions of the refugees. (E / RE).

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