Merangin Police : “Combining Social Service Activities on Friday Blessings of South Tabir Police”

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Global Investigasi News – Merangin, On Friday, June 03, 2022 at 15.00 WIT, the Head of the South Tabir Sector Police, Iptu Fajar Nugroho, together with the youth team on the Friday blessing team of the South Tabir Sector Police carried out a Blessing Friday Social Service activity in Bunga Antoi Village, Kec. Southern Veil.

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This time the Head of the South Tabir Sector Police visited a community leader in Bunga Antoi’an village. Mr. Muraji, aged 70, suffered from complications, so he was unable to carry out his activities to find the necessities of life and on that occasion the team on Friday blessing from the Tabir Selatan Police provided assistance with basic necessities in the form of rice, eggs and equipment for his illness as well as money for medical treatment.

This blessed Friday social activity is routinely carried out every Friday as a means to get closer to the community so that it is hoped that the Police, especially the South Tabir Sector Police, can really be close and loved by the community, the activities run smoothly and finish at 16.00 WIB, the situation is in a state of emergency. safe and conducive.

Writer Siepronhadi Head of Merangin District

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