Innovation Brings Many Changes, Minister of Home Affairs Asks Regional Governments to Increase Creativity

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Jakarta- Minister of Home Affairs (Mendagri) Muhammad Tito Karnavian said that innovation has brought many changes. Therefore, the Minister of Home Affairs asked local governments (Pemda) to increase creativity in all fields in order to create a better climate for innovation.

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This message was conveyed by the Minister of Home Affairs when giving directions for the 2022 Innovative Government Award (IGA) at the Sasana Bhakti Praja Building, Ministry of Home Affairs Office, on Friday, December 23, 2022.

In his direction, the Minister of Home Affairs revealed that innovation is an important element in supporting change. According to him, no community, state, nation or society can advance without innovation, including creativity or various breakthroughs.

Thus, innovation is an issue that must be encouraged in the current Indonesian government system. This is because the existence of these innovations can boost the Indonesian state to become more advanced. This is proven by the trust that Indonesia will host the G20 meeting in 2022.

“In my opinion the factor that made us (Indonesia) able to become a G20 country, the 20 largest economies is because the regions are all alive, alive, and this awakening is due to innovation,” said the Minister of Home Affairs.

Innovation is also an important capital for the country to face competition between nations which is getting tougher along with the birth of information technology which triggers revolutions in all fields. To survive in these conditions, the Minister of Home Affairs stressed the importance of Indonesia to increase innovation to the regional level.

“With innovation from all regions, this will boost our (Indonesia’s) position, our (Indonesia’s) competitive power will be higher,” said the Minister of Home Affairs.

The Minister of Home Affairs appreciated and congratulated the regions that received the IGA 2022 award. He said the award was given for the extraordinary hard work of each region in Indonesia. This effort is commendable. The Minister of Home Affairs also advised regions that have not yet received an award to continue to be motivated to increase innovation in their regions.

“Congratulations to colleagues who got an award, thanks for extraordinary hard work, we need to appreciate it and for those who have not been lucky to get an award, we hope this event can motivate ladies and gentlemen,” concluded the Minister of Home Affairs .

Meanwhile, in his report the Head of the Domestic Policy Strategy Agency (BSKDN) Yusharto Huntoyungo explained the increase in the number of regional innovations based on regional innovation reporting data that had been compiled by the Ministry of Home Affairs over a period of 5 years. Through the Regional Innovation Index (IID) measurement and assessment system in 2022 as many as 510 Regional Governments report innovations with a total of 26,900 innovations.

“This figure (the number of innovations in 2022) has increased from the previous year which was attended by 519 local governments with a total of 25,124 innovations. Meanwhile in 2020, 2019 and 2018, it is known that there were 484 participating local governments, 260 and 188 regional governments with a total of innovations namely 17,779, 8,016, and 3,718,” explained Yusharto.

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