Officially Opened Mayor of Cilegon PT. Andaran Inti Prima Ready to Serve Consumers

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CILEGON – Global Investigation – Mayor of Cilegon H.Helldy Agustian opened the Grand Opening event and inaugurated PT. Andaran Inti prima which took place at Ruko Metro Cilegon Block A Number 14 Panggungrawi Village, Jombang District, Cilegon City Tuesday (27/12/2022)

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Invited guests H.Helldy Agustian Mayor of Cilegon, present Hj.Heni Anita Susila City Education and Culture
Cilegon, Hj. Hayati Nufus Disdukcapil Cilegon, Ahmad Aziz loyal PLT DLH Cilegon, Head of Cilegon Inspectorate Office Burhanuddin Head of Jombang District and Head of Gedongan Dalam Village.

The Mayor of Cilegon H.Helldy Agustian said in his speech that Modern Cilegon City, the concept is always Adaptive. The Cilegon city government is Adaptive to technology. First I came to Cilegon City to become the mayor of this city.
We want all digital services, because with Digital we can minimize corruption in the city of Cilegon.

“We are also preparing an application, where the application is valid, so that the mayor can see which areas need assistance from the Cilegon municipal government.

Director of PT Andaran Inti Prima Diki Ajrianto, “said that now there is a hybrid class smart meeting room, office, video conference product company ready to serve consumers,” said Diki

“The Cilegon government itself works on an e-catalog basis, some are tender in nature, why did we create a provider company.
This is my own innovation and creativity to play an active role in supporting the Cilegon city government program, where the mayor of Cilegon himself wants to create a modern and dignified Cilegon, one of which is Smart City.

standing company PT. Andaran core prima “interactive flat panel can connect from a laptop to a cell phone without using a cable more sophisticated than a projector, very
practical and fast can be used for meetings anywhere.

the city of Cilegon itself has entered the technology of interacting individually remotely.
We can also facilitate the provision of E-Catalog services, and help Cilegon become a Smart City,” he concluded

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