PT. Djarum Forward with Pancasila MPC Kebumen Youth

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Kebumen, Wednesday 28-12-2022

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The Kebumen Pancasila Youth Community Organization (ORMAS PP) today, Wednesday 12-28-2022 held a routine Coordination, Socialization and Consolidation Meeting which was held today at the Gombong Sub-Branch Leadership (PAC). This activity is usually carried out once a month at the Sub-District Headquarters (PAC) who move around every month.
Present at the event, Bung Edi Purwanto as chairman of the MPC Kebumen and his management, Bung Suryadi and Bung Rengga as representatives of PT. Djarum Kebumen, several village heads in the Kebumen area, KOTI MAHATIDANA members and 26 PAC administrators attended the activity.

“First, I am very proud that the Pancasila Youth MPC Kebumen has participated in PAM security for Christmas and New Year since December 23. In every church yesterday, thank God, we were involved in synergizing with the Polsek and the Koramil as well as Banser and Church Fences. Tomorrow we will also have PAM to secure the New Year’s celebration at every crowded point throughout the Kebumen area.
Secondly, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to PT. Djarum, which has been in synergy with us for almost three months. Support and provide opportunities for cooperation that really helps us. It is hoped that in the future PT. Djarum can always support all the activities of the Kebumen MPC Pancasila Youth Organization,” explained Bung Wanto

“I also thank the Chairman of MPC PP Kebumen Bung Edi Purwanto and all the administrators and members of PP in Kebumen for their cooperation so far. We named this activity PT DJARUM MAJU WITH YOUTH PANCASILA which we hope in the future, especially in Kebumen, we can progress and synergize to help the community. Because recently we have seen that the Kebumen Pancasila Youth carry out a lot of social activities. Currently PP Kebumen has succeeded in changing its negative stigma to a positive direction and that is one of the reasons we are collaborating with PP.” Rengga concluded

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