Danrem 043/Gatam Gives Livable Houses to Residents of South Lampung Regency

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Commander Korem 043/Gatam,
Brigadier General Ruslan Efenddy, S.I.P. Symbolically Giving a Key to Mrs. Bunek, the community of Bandar Dalam Village, Sidomulyo District, South Lampung Regency in the Uninhabitable House renovation program carried out by Kodim 0421/LS, Thursday (29/12/2022).

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In this activity, Danrem 043/Gatam was accompanied by
Col. Inf Benny (Head of Log Korem 043), Lt. Col. Fajar Akhirudin S.I.P., M.Sc (Dandim 0421/LS), AKBP Edwin S.I.K (Kapolres Lambel), Thamrin Sos.MM (Secretary of South Lamsel), Agus Suhartono (DPRD Deputy 1/ Lamsel), Mrs. Chairperson of Persit KCK Cab. XXXIII Dim 0421 (Mrs. Dini Fajar) and Kodim 0421/LS officers and the local community.

On this occasion, the Commander of Korem 043/Gatam, Brigadier General Ruslan Effendy S.I.P, won an honorary dance of welcoming Sigeh Pengunten and wearing a Tapis cloth in honor from the Lamsel Regional Secretary accompanied by the Lamsel Regency Forkopimda and their staff. Prior to the procession of handing over the House Keys resulting from the House Renovation, it began with a Report on the Implementation of the RTLH Surgery in the Kodim 0421/LS area by the Kodim Commander, Lt. Col. Fajar Akhirudin, S.I.P., M.Sc. In his report the Dandim 0421/LS said that the Kodim 0421/LS in the fourth quarter of 2022 had succeeded in dissecting 4 uninhabitable houses (RTLH) in 2 regencies, namely South Lampung and Pesawaran, where each of them received 2 houses. Among them are Way Ratai and Kedondong Districts (Pesawaran Regency) and Katibung and Sidomulyo Districts (South Lampung Regency). “Hopefully in the future there can be more in the context of helping people’s difficulties and becoming a solution according to the direction of Mr Danrem 043/Gatam,” he said.

Danrem 043/Gatam Brig. Dudung Abdurachman, S.E., M.M regarding the continuation of the Babinsa Entering Residents’ Kitchen program.

“We hope that the house that has been built by Babinsa and all her friends can be put to good use by Ms. Bunek, and don’t forget to also thank the Bandar Hamlet officials in Sidomulyo village, Sidomulyo sub-district, Lamsel regency and the community for their participation. This is one example. Babinsa’s real actions in accordance with the orders of the Kasad, holding the Babinsa Enters the Kitchen program proves that Babinsa has always been close to the community, said Danrem 043/Gatam.

Mrs. Bunex A resident of Bandar Hamlet in Sidomulyo village, Sidomulyo sub-district, Lamsel district, who received assistance to rehabilitate a house, thanked the TNI, Mr. Danrem 043/Gatam, Dandim 0421/Ls. the rickety part would collapse and leak when it rained thanks to the TNI Kodim 0421/Ls so he could get a house that was like new again.

“Once again, special thanks to Mr. Danrem, Dandim and Babinsa for their help, who have cared for and provided us with assistance and we hope that we will be given health while on duty and the sustenance will be made cheap,” he concluded.”

In addition to providing Keys to the Results of Unfit for Living Houses, the Danrem 043/Gatam also gave gifts to stunted children as a form of concern for the nation’s next generation.
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