Head of NGO LEKAAT: “Work on Box Culverts and Multiyer Road is Suspected of Origin ?!”

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East Aceh–Globalinvestigationnews.com–Kasmidi Panjaitan, S.IP Head of the NGO (LEKAAT) East Aceh Communication and Advocacy Institute spoke about his findings in the field on Wednesday (28/12/2022).

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Kasmidi told the media that the work being carried out by the unscrupulous contractor for the Multiyer Project gave the impression of being random and random.

Still continued, in the past few days it has gone viral in several online news that the installation of the box culvert was also carelessly made, making it difficult for the local community to get their motorized vehicles out.

“Today we reviewed the location and it turned out that the box culvert installed in Kampung Busa Sebrang was very high and there had been no change from the executor of the work.

After seeing Box Culvert, I and several other media colleagues headed to Banyan, which is still in the West Peureulak District, when they saw the asphalt road that was being worked on, it was seen that there were several damaged road points.

It’s a shame that the work costing billions of rupiah for paving was destroyed and some have been dismantled.

Kasmidi also added that when he was on his way to carry out an investigation, there was no information board in sight.

“Now this is very strange for a project of this size why there is no information signpost and also it is already the end of 2022 the paving has not been completed. “We do not know whether this project has expired or is still alive.

When we wanted to meet with the person in charge in the field to confirm this matter there was no response.

Still continued Kasmidi, in the near future we will soon be coordinating with the Aceh Attorney General’s Office and the Aceh Regional Police and also related offices in Aceh province, especially BAPPEDA Aceh so that there is a follow-up on these findings. (Nana Thama)

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