Hundreds of Boxes of Unlicensed Alcoholic Beverages will be Handed over to the West Bangka Police to Customs and Excise

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West Bangka Police will Hand Over Beer Trucks to Customs and Excise after checking that beer does not have a permit to transport goods from Palembang to Bangka Island, Thursday 29 December 2022

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This incident was revealed after a truck loaded with beer experienced a single accident on the Tanjung Kalian road that occurred on Monday, December 26, 2022. Then, the chronology of the incident, the truck failed to climb the incline and the vehicle lost control and rolled over, from the vehicle it is confirmed that the vehicle was from outside the island of Bangka heading to Bangka via Tanjung Harbor you are stuck

for this case currently being handled by the West Bangka Police Criminal Investigation Unit Kasat Reskim also explained according to the confession
Handoko, who is a truck driver carrying goods, Birl will be delivered to Air Mesu, Central Bangka.

“From the driver’s statement, the goods will be delivered to the water entering Central Bangka, while the driver’s statement said this was the first time the goods were delivered,” said the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit.

The Criminal Investigation Unit added to the item from the driver’s confession that he took the beer from a Fuso truck in Palembang, but not from the warehouse there.

“The driver took it from the Fuso truck, so it was thrown into the driver’s truck instead of going through the warehouse there,” added the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit.

During the confirmation, the Criminal Investigation Unit also explained that the case being handled by the West Bangka Police would be delegated to the Pangkalpinang Customs and Excise Supervision and Service Office (KPP) regarding the administration and correspondence of these items.

“For this case we have coordinated with the Customs Office because the goods do not have a transport permit,” closed the Criminal Investigation Unit.


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