Purna Polri Reports Kamaruddin Simanjuntak to Police Regarding “Police Serge Mafia ?!”

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Jakarta 28 Dec 2022 DKI Jakarta The Indonesian National Police Retired Association was called upon again in response to the statement by lawyer Kamarudin Simanjuntak who had stated that the police serve the mafia, in the talkshow program on Uya Kuya’s YouTube account, this has created a polemic which ultimately leads to reporting to the police Ahmad Rivai Natakusuma SH.MH as Attorney for Alido And Partner from PP Polri, who is familiarly called Kang Rivai during an interview with the media crew at the South Jakarta Metro Police, December 24, 2022 reported Kamaruddin Simanjuntak at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters on Saturday, December 24, 2022, On this occasion, Kang Rivai said that Kamarudin Simanjuntak’s statement should be suspected of having slandered and insulted the Polri institution and should be prosecuted immediately. If later it is proven that there is a criminal element or violation, the Police must immediately follow up to court Kang Rivai also emphasized that he reported Kamaruddin to the Police and was not part of any Genk, from PP Polri purely reporting Kamaruddin as a retired National Police who cares for and loves the Police Institution According to Kang Rivai, himself as attorney from Alido and Partner representing PP Polri reported Kamaruddin at the South Jakarta Police Headquarters having no interest in anyone Kamaruddin is considered to have insulted and demeaned the Polri institution The content displayed looks full of hatred towards the Police Kamaruddin is considered to have made false accusations which of course could have legal consequences Kang Rivai, who also serves as Chair of the DPW Association of Indonesian Advocates for the Province of Banten, also said that all citizens have the right to convey criticism and their opinions towards anyone and that criticism should be channeled without insulting or cursing, as well as enforcing unnecessary rules by violating law. He also deeply regretted the attitude of Kamarudin Simanjuntak who did not want to apologize to the Police regarding his statement. In the current era of reform and openness, criticism is part of democracy, but don’t make statements without valid evidence and data. “Kang Rivai really hopes that the South Jakarta Metro Police will immediately summon Kamarudin because he should be suspected of having committed a crime of hate speech by swearing or spreading slander that has negatively affected the image of the Polri institution,” he explained. We all also know that the National Police under the leadership of the National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo has worked hard to improve and carry out the functions of the state administration, both in the areas of maintaining public order and security, law enforcement, protection, protection and service to the community. “The National Police Chief Listyo Sigit has also taken a lot of strict action against his staff who have problems without being selective, starting from the elements of Pati Polri, Pamen, Pama and Bintara. If someone is found guilty, the consequences will be legal proceedings, both criminal law and PTDH. Therefore, the existing statement can damage the good name of the National Police so that it can be said as an attempt not to realize conditions for maintaining good security and public order. At present the National Police are also working hard to improve themselves, following cases that hit internally,” he said. Police chief seriousnessand his staff in taking firm action against problematic police officers must be seen as the seriousness of the Police to clean up from within,” So if there are police officers who have problems, there is no need to convey to the public that the Polri institution is associated with the Mafia, that is all the actions of individuals and not institutions. At the National Police there are still hundreds of thousands of members who are good and have integrity and have morals in maintaining the Marwah of the Police Institution, if there are still a handf

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