1,200 congregations participated in the Tabligh Akbar and remembrance at the Lampung Regional Police

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IBidhumas Polda Lampung
Press Release No: 811/XII/HUM.6.1.1/2022/Bidhumas
Friday, December 30, 2022

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1,200 congregations participated in the Tabligh Akbar and remembrance at the Lampung Regional Police

Lampung Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Dr. Akhmad Wiyagus, S.I.K., M.Sc., M.M., held an Akbar sermon and remembrance in a gathering event to strengthen brotherhood and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT, at the GSG Polda Lampung, South Lampung. Friday (30/12/22).

The Lampung Police Chief, during the Tablig Akbar and dhikr activities, said that it was a moment for all of us, especially in Lampung province, to be able to stay in touch and strengthen our brotherly relations and to pray together for safety and health, especially since we will soon be facing the new year 2003 and leaving 2022, and for us to know that the Lampung Regional Police are currently carrying out Operation Lilin Krakatau 2022 which involves as many as 4,691 Joint TNI-Polri personnel, the government and related Stakeholders in providing security for the Nataru holiday can run safely, comfortably and conducively in the Lampung Province area.

The Tabligh Akbar and this remembrance were also presented by Dr. KH Mahmudin in his tausiyah said that the Apostle always reminded about peace, harmony and comfort in living life.

Present at the Tabligh Akbar and the remembrance were the Governor of Lampung Arinal Junaidi, Forkompimda, Chairman of the Lampung Province MUI, KPU, Bawaslu, relevant stakeholders, several regional heads, key officials from the Lampung Regional Police, representatives of community leaders, representatives of youth leaders, representatives of political figures and social organizations. .

The Regional Police Chief expressed his gratitude for holding this Tablig Akbar activity. Hopefully Lampung Province will always be safe and conducive, he concluded

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