Lampung Police Prepares Cipkon Harkamtibmas for Travelers at the Rajabasa Terminal

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Bidhumas Polda Lampung
Press Release No: 176/IV/HUM.6.1.1/2023/Bidhumas
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Lampung Police prepares Cipkon Harkamtibmas for travelers at the Rajabasa terminal

Lampung Police Chief Inspector General Pol Helmy Santika through the Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Regional Police Kombes Pol Zahwani Pandra Arsyad together with the Transportation Service, BPTD Bengkulu Lampung, Tekab 308 Team, Biddokkes Team & Satbrimobda Lampung Team are at the Rajabasa Balam Terminal preparing for an Interview with the National Media in the framework of Cipkon Harkamtibmas to the Para travelers.

During this activity the Head of Public Relations Commissioner Pandra conveyed a number of things, including that the Lampung Regional Police and the ranks as the spearhead of implementing the implementation of security for the implementation of the 2023 Eid Mudik in the Lampung Province Region have prepared personnel in the framework of securing and servicing the 2023 Lebaran Mudik as many as 2,686 personnel who will be spread across 83 posts throughout Lampung.

It is also supported by facilities and infrastructure to support these security activities, he said, Wednesday (12/04/23).

He continued that during homecoming, buses operating through the Rajabasa terminal can be ensured that they are roadworthy by installing a sticker issued by the transportation agency.

His party also conducted health checks on bus drivers and conductors so they could monitor their readiness and their physical condition when driving buses that will operate during the homecoming.

Pandra also advised travelers to be more careful when going home, do not accept food or drinks from people you don’t know, and if you find something like that, immediately report it to the security guard at the nearest terminal or post, you can also do reporting through an application issued by the National Police, namely the Polri Super Apps & Call Center 110 application which has many functions, such as information on locations that are prone to crime, the nearest police station and police post, as well as many other uses, so that in this digital era it is hoped that the people can download it to make it easier for people in the future, he said.

Pandra said that the Lampung Regional Police had also prepared Brimob personnel and snipers at certain points that were considered vulnerable, and also deployed Tekab 308 to constantly patrol the hunt for the vulnerability of criminals during the 2023 Eid homecoming, he concluded.


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