Tempilang Police Secure 6 People Perpetrators of Qiu-Qiu Domino Card Gambling Cases

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Tempilang Polsek Bangka Police on Friday, April 7 2023 at around 00.30 WIB Members of the Criminal Investigation Unit and Intelligence Unit of the Tempilang Police of the West Bangka Police carried out the arrest of 6 people suspected of being the perpetrators of a crime in the Qiu-Qiu domino card gambling case. Wednesday (12/04/2023)

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West Bangka Police Chief AKBP Catur Prasetiyo SIK through the Tempilang Police Chief Iptu Intan Diputra S.H., M.Sc., Explaining based on information as well as reports from the public that, in a rented terrace located at Ds. Air Lintang Kec. Tempilang, West Bangka Regency, was used as a gambling arena for the Qiu-Qiu type by a group of people.

Six people with the initials PIT (56), RD (24), SM (18), FT (31), YN (23), and IM (41) are all residents of Ds. Air Lintang Kec. Tempilang Regency. West Bengal

The Tempilang Police Chief said that from the card gambling activity that took place during this fasting month, members of the staff secured evidence in the form of gaple cards and Rp.820,000 in cash

“We got information from the local community regarding card gambling. Then we together with community leaders conducted an inspection, it seems that gambling activities were found. There were 6 people who were arrested, 4 women and 2 men,” he said.

For their actions these six people were subject to Article 303 of the Criminal Code Subsidiary 303 Bis of the Criminal Code.

“Furthermore, the 6 perpetrators and their evidence were taken and secured for further processing,” concluded the Tempilang Police Chief.


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