West Bangka Police Chief and Forkompimda Monitor Nataru Service Post 3 Security, Service and Monitoring Posts

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The West Bangka Police Chief together with the West Bangka Forkompimda conducted monitoring of the 2023 Christmas and New Year (Nataru) service posts at 3 posts, Tuesday 27 December 2022

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Monitoring West Bangka Police Chief and Forkompinda monitored the Limbung Port security post which was located at the new terminal stuck then the group carried out monitoring heading to the Tanjung Kalian Service Post and the monitoring post at the stuck raft stone

From this monitoring the Head of Police and Forkompinda also provided rope assistance to members who carried out security at these posts, one form of concern for members who carried out security during the 2022 candle operation in West Bangka Regency

“This activity is to encourage members who carry out security at ports in the West Bangka district,” said West Bangka Police Chief

This was conveyed by West Bangka Police Chief AKBP Catur Prasetiyo, while reviewing the Nataru 2023 service and security post, together with West Bangka Regent H Sukirman, West Bangka Kajari, Deputy Chief of the District Court and Danramil Mentok

The Police Chief also said that his party had prepared four service posts and one monitoring post. Meanwhile, 120 personnel were involved.

“We convey to the members for maximum service to travelers or ship passengers. We also provide health checks. It is hoped that passengers can maintain their health during the trip and arrive home safely,” said the police chief.


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