Kapolri Describes the Realization of 17 Performance Indicators in the DPR Commission III Working Meeting

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Kapolri Describes the Realization of 17 Performance Indicators in the DPR’s Commission III Working Meeting

National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo explained the achievements of his institutional indicators throughout 2022. There are eight indicators that exceed 100 percent achievement.

“That is law enforcement with a realization of 76.37 points (target 64); security and public order with a realization of 3.79 points (target 3.2); maintenance of security and public order with a realization of 75.34 points (target 64),” he said General Listyo Sigit in a meeting with Commission III of the DPR in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/4/2023).

The next indicators are legal settlement with a realization of 68.2 percent (78 percent target); police service satisfaction with a realization of 85.56 percent (78 percent target); handling public complaints with a realization of 85 percent (78 percent target); Polri HR professionalism with a realization of 81.60 points (target 76.75 points); and the value of budget performance with a realization of 96.93 percent (93.75 percent target).

Then, the three indicators that have achieved 100 percent are innovative R&D with the realization of two points (two point target); BPK’s opinion on the financial statements that received WTP; and APIP capability level with the realization of three points (three point target).

Meanwhile, what exceeded the achievement of 60 percent was the AKIP score with a realization of 76.44 points (target of 78 points); the competency index of Polri HR training with a realization of 54.59 points (target 56 points); the value of bureaucratic reform with the realization of 77.28 points (target 80 points); perceived ease of access to data with a realization of 3.32 points (target of four points); and the percentage of alkom fulfillment with a realization of 60 percent (94 percent target).

“For index achievements, it fell by 4.39 percent from 101.74 percent in 2021 to 97.35 percent in 2022. Even though it fell, the National Police performance index score in 2022 has exceeded the target of 75 percent while the assessment is still ongoing,” concluded General Listyo Sigit.

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