AHY Invites in front of 11 Thousand Cadres to Continue to be Enthusiastic about Winning the Democratic Party in 2024

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Bogor Sentul. The General Chairperson of the Democratic Party Agus Harimurti Yudihoyono invited 11 thousand cadres and 27 DPCs throughout West Java Province to continue to be enthusiastic and fight enthusiastically so that West Java won and the Democratic party won the 2024 election and president.

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Conducted (SICC) Sentul International Convention Center Saturday, 19/10/2022 Bogor City, West Java.

In his remarks, General Chairperson of the Democratic Party, Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono. Expressing gratitude to the 11 thousand sympathizers of the Democratic Party cadres in West Java for the activity
this reminisces as the vibrations that we just felt in this building also remembering being a politician from the AHY Democratic Party” ringing in West Java, exploring various corners of the village areas of West Java, including in the context of West Java which has the greatest chance of winning in 2024,

AHY “said that today’s society is not something grandiose, they just want to eat well, they just want their children to be able to go to school, to be able to work, so that they can increase people’s buying and selling power, to be a good National Party, don’t be silenced by the people, the Democratic Party must be present at in the midst of the community to share with the people who need it and always maintain solidarity, we, on behalf of the general chairman of the Democratic Party, wish congratulations and sex on the inauguration of the chairman of the DPC and the management of the West Java Democratic Party.

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