In order to maintain regional security stability, the Dandim urges the Koramil to increase patrol activities at night

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Wonogiri – In order to maintain the conduciveness of the area ahead of this year’s Eid, the Koramil under the Kodim 0728/Wonogiri increased patrol activities at night.

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Commander of Kodim 0728/Wonogiri Lt. Col. Deny Oktavianto, said night patrols were carried out throughout Wonogori Regency in each Koramil target area of ​​Kodim.

The Dandim said that on regional patrols, especially at night, his party at each Koramil deployed personnel which in practice was carried out by traveling to strategic places to monitor and monitor the condition of the area.

“So technically the personnel of each Koramil take out 2 patrol personnel every night. During the day, the Babinsa heads of each assisted village will be appointed,” said the Dandim, Wednesday (12/04/2023).

“That the activities carried out routinely are an effort to maintain regional security stability, so that the community members always feel safe and peaceful,” he said.

Furthermore, the Dandim explained that through patrol activities, the TNI and Kodim ranks also provide education to the public, and convey messages so that residents remain alert to all forms of security disturbances including disasters.

The number one person at the Kodim said that until now the situation in the Wonogiri area was still relatively safe and conducive. This is due to the good cooperation of all stakeholders and the community.

“Therefore, we invite all Wonogiri people to continue to work together to maintain the conduciveness of the area. Provide information as early as possible if there is even the slightest problem, so that we can easily make decisions in overcoming any existing problems,” he said.

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